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        The house is located in the center of town, just minutes away, are the only protected area of the province of Valladolid, 'The Banks of Castronuño Vega del Duero.

         Castronuño Nature Reserve was declared in 2002.
        The reservoir has led to one of the most important wetlands of the Community of Castilla y León. As of today, is a true sanctuary for wildlife. 

         The construction of the reservoir of San Jose has made a significant area of reeds on the right bank of the Douro River with numerous lakes scattered.

Numerous species of waterfowl in this space one of the last refuges where they can rest during migrations, spending the winter months and, most importantly, conduct playback.

               The presence of several endangered bird nesting species, such as the purple heron, marsh harrier and the jack further increases the value that encloses this site.
        Exuberance and beauty is  the only thing that you are going to find.


           Walking the Path to the almond "is a joy. From the top of town to the river, a gradient of land saved by wooden steps, through almond centenarians, you will enjoy the most exotic sights you can imagine in the middle of the Castilian Plateau.  

        If you are fond of fishing it may be practiced on the positions of the Reserve.

        And collect pieces like this.

       You can also visit the home of the Park from where you can make a virtual trip on the Douro River and watch the birds in their natural habitat.

         Also, you can play sports at the sports center of town and spend a leisure hours with your children in playgrounds.



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